Our clients have realized the technological benefits of our software solutions without overhauling their current infrastructure. Helping you protect your investment is important to us, which is why our solutions can be integrated with minimal hardware requirements.

Our Event Intelligence® and iGuard® secure data servers can be integrated with:

  • Leading ACDs
  • CRM Applications
  • Billing Systems
  • Payment Gateways
  • Call Recording Solutions

Event Intelligence Server

The Event Intelligence Server maintains a communication link between the PBX/ACD and facilitates access to customers' data stores. Information about the caller can then be used to redirect the call routing by evaluating your key internal data such as VIP codes, delinquency status or open orders. Customer interaction events can be processed and efficiently routed to the appropriate contact center entity.

iGuard Secure Data Server

With iGuard, PII is directly handed off to the appropriate back-end application, reducing the number of systems the information traverses. iGuard can automatically turn off Quality Monitoring (QM) recording software when customers provide their PII, eliminating the chances of any sensitive data being stored in the call center's QM systems.

High Level Architecture