Patented technology for VOIP Environments

IntraNext's PII Data Protection Appliance (DPA)

This patented solution was created to remove Personally Identifiable Information (PII) near the VOIP ingress point of a contact center environment without disrupting the telephony voice path.  When using the IntraNext PII Data Protection Appliance (DPA), PII data such as credit card numbers, social security numbers, and birth dates can be safely extracted from telephone interactions between telephony systems, customers, and call center agents.  The PII DPA may be placed upstream from call processing systems such as an ACD/PBX or IVR, thereby eliminating the transmission of sensitive data further into a contact center’s infrastructure.

When supplementing IntraNext’s iGuard® product, the appliance enables customers to directly enter their sensitive information using their touch-tone telephone (Dual-Tone-Multi-frequency - DTMF), while remaining in voice contact with the call center agent. When a telephone caller is instructed to enter their information, a signal is passed to the appliance for interaction with the data portion of the communication exchange. A unique feature of the appliance is that the PII is extracted without requiring a physical interrupt to the voice call. Captured PII data is held in encrypted memory for subsequent processing directly from an entity’s data center, effectively protecting PII from unnecessary exposure within contact center systems and networks.

Potential uses include:

  • Enabling contact center agents and workstations to be free of PII data exchange
  • Data tokenization at the point of capture, limiting vulnerable data exposure
  • De-scoping premise-based IVR’s for PCI DSS compliance initiatives

PII Data Protection Appliance (DPA)

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