The next generation in secure data handling for VoiP telephony environments.

Patented SIP Layer Technology

Introducing SmartSIP™ from IntraNext Systems, the latest security product in our Event Intelligence® Platform. SmartSIP is a patented software application that provides DTMF masking capabilities for contact centers to securely handle sensitive data in attended telephony interactions.

SmartSIP secures sensitive data at the point of entry, confining PCI DSS exposure to the smallest possible footprint.

This application combines Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) and a Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) interface that allows customers to use their touch-tone telephone to enter sensitive information while remaining in constant contact with the contact center agent. With DTMF masking, tones entered by the customer are replaced with flat tones that cannot be converted back to the original data entered by the customer.

Developed specifically for VoIP telephony contact centers, SmartSIP is the only DTMF masking solution that doesn’t alter the voice path.

Patented Technology

  • Eliminates verbal exchange of sensitive data
  • Protects telephone-based payments for PCI DSS initiatives
  • Capable of tokenizing data at the point of capture
  • Prevents cardholder data from entering the call recording system
  • Allows for full call recording for quality control initiatives
  • Reduces scope in contact center environments
  • Eliminates pause/resume inefficiencies
  • Aids with HIPAA, GDPR and other compliance directives