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The next generation in secure data handling for VoIP telephony environments.

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Software solutions for PII secure handling, PCI DSS compliance, and contact center efficiencies.

There is no one size fits all approach to contact center event handling and data security, that is why IntraNext Systems partners with each client to develop custom solutions. Our software solutions integrate into existing contact center infrastructures so that you can protect your existing investment AND deliver process efficiencies, secure data, and increase customer satisfaction.

Whether you are interested in enhancing your CTI capabilities with our Event Intelligence® solution, utilizing DTMF masking in live agent interactions with our iGuard® solution, or removing PII from telephone interactions without disrupting the voice path with our new patented PII Data Protection Appliance (DPA), IntraNext has you covered!

Whenever contact centers can effectively prevent PII from unnecessary exposure, data security and fraud prevention measures can be positively impacted!

IntraNext's Suite of Solutions:

Event Intelligence®

Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)

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Eliminating the Verbal Exchange of Sensitive Data

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Protecting Telephone-based Payments

Protecting Telephone-based Payments in Contact CentersProtecting telephone-based payments in the contact center is not a new initiative or a new conversation.   However, that conversation is about to take center...

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DTMF Masking and PCI DSS Compliance

DTMF Masking for PCI DSS Compliance InitiativesDual-tone Multi-Frequency (DTMF) masking is quickly becoming the contact center industry standard to securely capture and mask sensitive cardholder data during agent assisted...

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How Metro’s Contact Center Approaches Agents, Customers, and PCI DSS Compliance

I recently sat down with Paula Grigsby, Manager of TAP Information, and Gail Harvey, Executive Officer of Customer Care/Communications at the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) to discuss...

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Compliance Doesn't Mean Security

Here is a statistic for you; according to the RSA Data Privacy & Security Report, 62 percent of respondents said, “they would blame the company for their lost data...

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