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Love Is In the Air - Customers' Sensitive Data Should Not Be

One area of securing customer data that is often overlooked is when customers are asked to verbally provide their sensitive data over the phone in live agent interactions.

Tokenization in the Contact Center

We recently sat down with Karen Webster,, and Alex Pezold, TokenEx, and discussed why tokenization should be added to the list of best practices in contact center security.

Fraud Prevention and Happy Customers – You Really Can Have It All

Next Caller and IntraNext Systems discuss call center fraud prevention and customer experience. The discussion explored how different vendors complement and support each other to prevent fraud while adhering to regulatory guidelines and providing a seamless customer experience.  

Heavy Lifting Not Required

For many contact center leaders, enhanced fraud prevention, increased data security, and regulatory compliance are on the top of the to-do list for 2018. 

It's Not All Bad

Fraud prevention strategies are a focus area for call centers and data security teams. Live agent call technologies used to prevent sensitive information from being seen or heard.

Call Center Commerce Tracker by PYMNTS

The call center industry is big business with lots of moving parts. PYMNTS estimates that the industry "brought in roughly $13 billion in the U.S. alone last year, through product sales and subscription revenue."

Experts Weigh In: Regaining Consumer Trust In A Post-Equifax World

Companies must still look at what data is flowing into and out of their firms. They must still endeavor to keep consumer and cardholder data (and their own corporate data) safe.

Forensics-Based CTI Empowers the Call Center Like Never Before

Driving down call center costs and driving up customer satisfaction are two perennial focuses of every contact center. “How can we cut expenses while not impacting customer service levels?”

Wow—How things have changed...or have they?

There are products on the market today (like IntraNext’s iGuard) that not only help companies with PCI compliance, but give the customer peace of mind as they enter PII data on their phone and the data (SSN, DOB, CC info) is masked and can’t be seen by live agents.

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