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SmartSIP® Secure Link

Securing Payments in Non-Voice Care Channels

Customers interact with contact centers across a variety of care channels including traditional voice calls, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems, chat platforms, email, SMS, and Artificial Intelligence agents (AI Bots). Customers expect that payment inquiries can be securely handled regardless of the care channel they choose.  

IntraNext introduces a new option for securing payments in customer care channels. Secure Link, powered by SmartSIP®, enables payments through a secure hyperlink that can be used with your chat, sms, and email solutions.

When a customer is interacting with an agent using a Chat or SMS session, SmartSIP facilitates secure data capture by establishing a relationship between the agent CRM system and generates a Uniform Resource Locator (URL) “web link” that is passed to the end-customer. When the end-customer activates the link, their default browser establishes a secure connection to SmartSIP and presents the user with a data entry form. Once the end-customer submits their data, SmartSIP securely passes the collected data for processing.

Secure Link Product Sheet

Download the PDF for more information.