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Secure Payment Handling for Contact Centers

Eliminating the Verbal Exchange of Sensitive Data

SmartSIP® is a software application used in contact centers to suppress and mask DTMF tones, ensuring the secure management of sensitive cardholder data during agent assisted payment interactions. 

Developed specifically for VoIP telephony contact centers, the patented technology protects sensitive data at the point of entry, confining PCI DSS exposure to the smallest possible footprint.

SmartSIP acts as a SIP proxy between the Session Border Controllers (SBC) and the voice platform, capturing DTMF data without affecting the voice path.

SmartSIP eliminates the verbal exchange of sensitive data between customers and agents while allowing for uninterrupted call recordings and real-time visualization of the data capture process. Customers simply use their touch-tone phone to enter sensitive information while remaining in contact with the agent. Tones received from the customer inputs are replaced with a flat tone making it impossible to convert back to the original data, while the agent’s screen is populated with a masked representation of the customer’s data entry.

In addition to secure voice payments, IntraNext can also facilitate SMS and email payments using secure web links, reducing risk and PCI scope.

  1. PCI SSF Validated Application

  2. PCI PA-DSS Validated Application

  3. Patented DTMF masking and suppression technology

  4. Protects telephone-based payments for PCI DSS initiatives

  5. Allows for full call recording for quality control initiatives

  6. Reduces PCI scope in contact center environments

  7. No desktop hardware requirement

Benefits of Our Patented DTMF Masking Technology:

Consuming our IntraNext API allows for flexible integrations with CRM platforms, billing systems, and payment processors, resulting in minimal changes to business processes an agent workflow.

SmartSIP is Avaya Compatible!

SmartSIP is Cisco Compatible!

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SmartSIP Product Sheet

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